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Dealer Application 


If you want be dealer or distributor in your region or country, please send dealer application form to us.


Dealer Application Form

Business Name *        
First Name *   Last Name *    
Phone e.g(xxx)xxx-xxxx *   Cell Phone e.g (xxx)xxx-xxxx *  
Email Address *   Website    
Country *   State/Province *    
Address *        
City *   Postal Code     
County *        
Do you currently own or operate a Motorcycles or Power business? * 
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If yes, please descripe capacity
Showroom:  ¤Yes                ¤Quantity:                      , ¤No
Stores: ¤Yes                ¤Quantity:                      , ¤No
Warehouse: ¤Yes                ¤Quantity:                      , ¤No
Service shop: ¤Yes                ¤Quantity:                      , ¤No
Quantity or amount in 2014  
Quantity or amount in 2015  
Brands or Supplier and Quantity in 2015 Brand:                                 Quantity:                                                                   Brand:                                 Quantity:
Why would you like to become a dealer or distributor of our products? *
How would you describe the key elements of a successful business operation? *
Please describe any business experiences you have that may help you succeed in the Powersports business? *
Important Note: The information you provide is preliminary and is not considered an application for a dealership. All awards of dealerships must be approved in writing by G. director of our co. and must undergo a thorough evaluation process. 


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